Ashley Todd: Hoax Confirmed

The B is for Bullshit

The 'B' is for Bullshit (too bad she was stupid enough to do it herself backwards in the mirror)

Ashley Todd’s assault has been confirmed to be a hoax, according to KDKA. Police reportedly admitted Friday the attack was a hoax.

20-year-old Ashley Todd was facing a polygraph test to be administered by officials after claiming she was brutally beaten over her political views.

Ashley Todd, who claimed she was attacked and robbed of $60 at an ATM in the Pittsburgh, Bloomfield area Wednesday night when a ‘6’4, 200-pound black man’ mugged her and discovered she was a McCain/Palin supporter.

According to Todd, the man robbed her at knifepoint before noticing the McCain bumper sticker on her car – triggering him to allegedly begin beating Todd with his hands and feet and carving an odd, backwards “B” on her face with his knife.

Go here to our previous story for her assault photo.

KDKA: Police say Ashley Todd Assault a Hoax
by Jack Ryan

Courtesy of Google Cached Pages, as her original has been removed from it’s host server…

Ashley Todd’s blog

NYC- Some notes on how to survive

Ashley Todd's picture

So, when driving in NY, Upstate and The City ( because lets face it, Ny is really just diveded into the city and Upstate), I have learned many many things.

In Texas, we really dont use blinkers, we just check and change lanes.

In NY, a Blinker means ” Im coming over, so move”.

When driving in NYC, Forget EVERYTHING you have ever learned about driving, EVER.

Go at LEAST 10 miles over the speed limit!

You do not Decrease Speed and Increase Speed, you SLAM on the Gas, SLAM on the breaks

NYC- Some notes

Ashley Todd's picture

So, I had an interesting time in my second time in NY. Finding a hotel was hard, since the UN was meeting, and the only Kinds were very skeezy. And i paid 200 bucks for the honour of staying in these usually “by the hour” type places…Ew.

But!! We did do really well at Queens, Combining efforts with the RJC, and getting aout 350 people total, Plus more at Yeshvia!! Total count was 615- WAY COOL!! Plus we did some great work getting the two clubs official for the schools!!

The 9 hour Saga of driving to NYC

Ashley Todd's picture

So, yesterday afternoon, while helping my cousin do a project, and having an overall nice day off, i get a phone call from Yeshvia College in Manhatten.

” We have a big event tomorrow and would love you to be here, it will be a great chance to recruit too”

Now, i having no solidified plans for Monday said, ” Ok, how hard can the city be?”

I learned that driving in the city was not the hard part…getting myself there would in fact kill me.

Up till Now!

Ashley Todd's picture

So, Here is my tale up till now. I left Texas the day after getting back from training, spending 12 hours at home. I drove straight through to Dansville NY, with no sleep, little food, and lots of coffee and energy drinks. I spent my extra time seeing family, and then got down to buisiness. Ihave had an INSANE response in NY. I had NO idea there were this many GREAT republicans in this big blue state. And every campus i have been to has wanted to get a McCain Victory Headquarters and campaign for him as well as the congressmen we are working for.


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2 Responses to “Ashley Todd: Hoax Confirmed”

  1. this sad little bitch needs jail time. what a fuckin’ disgrace…

  2. Right on – I had to hold myself back from making personal comments, but that is why I included the excerpts from her retarded blog 😀

    Thanks for your feedback


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